It’s been ages since I last wrote a review! Now that I have my camera with my 24/7 I have more of an opportunity to photograph my eats.  Last Sunday J & I found ourselves in historic Roswell meandering through antique shops and little restaurants. We stopped in at Zest, a trendy little sushi and tapas place in the middle of it all.

I ordered plum wine, a favorite of my mum’s actually.

Wine in a glass is one of the most beautiful things to photograph, in my opinion.  I love how my fingerprint  is super-obvious on the glass.  Oops. It makes the picture more personal right? :]

The truth is this wine was pretty fantastic.  It’s very sweet and a pretty good addition to the tapas we ordered.

The first was a “Chinese Tootsie Roll” which was very think flaky shell around cream cheese and salmon, served with a sweet and spicy sauce. I couldn’t help but focus on the sauce it was soo good.

The insides… delish! Soft, creamy and salmony. Smoked salmon is amazing pretty much always.

The other small plate we ordered was the pork dumplings in sauce.  It was a strange fusion of  an eastern dish with a very american sauce. Think steamed pork gyoza covered in a mushroom gravy.  I can honestly say I was a bit skeptical.

Except… it was delicious.

I am almost never disappointed with my meal at Zest and they certainly kept their standards up! I loved this dish too. The pork was soft and the pasta-y shell was easily eaten with just one fork.

So.. if you’re ever in old Roswell, drop by Zest. The service is fast and the owner is in the restaurant and will recommend some of the best dishes.  And if you’re so kind, drop me a line and invite me to go along because I love it!

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  1. Those photos make me want to eat pork ravioli and salmon spring rolls. :/


    1. Zest has a lot of veggie goodies too. Lets go! I will do a review on a fully vegetarian selection! :D :D :D

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