Sometimes I get to feeling a little hipster.  Did this quick wallpaper in about 30 minutes and you can probably do it in less. This is just a result of  “playing around” after being inspired by this piece here.  There’s a intermediate level  explanation on the process after the break. Click to download the full 1920 x 1200 wallpaper.


A mini “making of” is after the break.

making-of-wild-01First open then file as an all black 1920 x 1200 canvas. Then using the pen tool draw some free flowing lines. This canvas only has three lines total.
making-of-wild-02Using the select tool and the gradient tool, I selected each individual region, then expanded the selection by one or two pixels.  On a separate layer below the white lines layer, I applied different gradients. Some were using the cone gradient, some reflected, and some just planar. Just get creative here.
making-of-wild-03Here i just used the shape tool to create circles and tried to place them in ‘visually appealing spots.  The circles have a 10px white outside stroke applied to them.
making-of-wild-04I applied the texture ‘gender93993(1) from this pack provided for free here. I just threw it on its own layer and set the layer to ‘Overlay’. Moved it around until I liked it.  Bam we’re done.

Leave me a comment if you like this format.

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  1. Are you Roxie-Dancer?
    I need to ask you about some other work of yours (I hope) that I saw in Photobucket, esp gender93993.
    Can you contact me ASAP—it’s about using one of your pieces of art on a book cover.

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