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We had some rain this weekend in Georgia: a weather phenomenon most of us were beginning to suspect as myth. It was glorious. :)

Using J’s iPhone to take some pictures this weekend made me miss it even more. I took this one while driving back from Mall of Ga, which by the way, is an awesome mall. :)

I also turned 26 this weekend. 26 is a good number. 25 was an awesome number.
I’m enjoying my twenties to their fullest. I can’t wait to see what the next four years holds for my adventurous little soul.



The last of it is finally melting off the roads. We still have inches on our lawns and backyards. My deck still has a solid 4 inches at least since it sits in the shade of the house all day.  I’m going to work today. :)



Snow’d In

This is the second day I’ve been forced to work from home since the ice in my neighborhood is thick and not really navigable. The resulting scenery however is spectacular. If it wasn’t so dangerous I would have definitely driven out to one of the numerous parks in the area to have a look and take some wintertime landscapes before too many people venture out and destroy them with footprints. Sometimes I wish I owned some snowshoes.


It’s starting to melt and form droplets everywhere.


The ice was beautiful last night.. and I’m slightly sorry to see it go.  This is the second out of the ordinary snow we’ve had this winter, so maybe there’ll be more!


Here’s hoping!  Also, here’s a little video of me trudging through our ice coated snow.


Snowmageddon ‘11

So, two exciting things happened today. One, we got some epic snow in Atlanta, where I live. It’s pretty darn rare to get a big serving of fluffy weather like this so most of us are thrilled. Two, I got the epic swarm badge for checking into Snowmageddon ‘11 on foursquare. Yes, this excites me. :)

I took two photos outside…

This one shows you the density of the flakes during snowfall at any one time…


And this one the beautiful movement of the flakes with the wind over about 1/8th of a second….


Can you tell I’m stoked. I’ll be out with my camera tomorrow as much as I can without freezing!



This was taken after the rain in early 2009. I have always had a mini love affair with water droplets. I loved using them as their own little lenses, capturing a scene on their own within the image.  You can sort of see the driveway, the lawn and some trees in this one.


Because water gives you so many opportunities to play with light, I enjoy shooting the same thing in a couple different ways, silhouettes and out of focus shots to emphasize some interesting controlled bokeh.


God, I love photography.


Crazy Clouds


Atlanta has some seriously messed up looking clouds before we get any sort of inclement weather. I’m hoping this means an epic snow this Sunday!



We had snow on christmas and it’s still hanging around.  Three days of snow on the ground? That’s a rarity for us southern folk.



This is an older photo from a year or two ago. I’m never outside when it’s bright enough for photos, because of work and some other stuff but I still like flipping through some of my older rain photographs. Maybe I should bring my camera and take a walk during lunch. We have a great trail that leads right to the Chattahoochee.


How do you normally enjoy rainy weather?



We finally had some rain around here last night and it reminded me of thefun I had outdoors last year during our plentiful rains.


This is a water drop off the tip of a rosebush.