Ice Rings

Last night the moon had a double halo around it. I got excited and went outside to shoot it, despite my right shoulder hurting like


Yes, that’s Atlanta this morning. As of 8am today some people were†still on the roads. My facebook feed is still full of abandoned people all


It's a snow day in Atlanta! Around noon, the snow started to really come down and by 3pm, there were INCHES. [justified_image_grid ids=25122,25123,25124,25125,25126,25127,25128,25129,25130,25131,25132,25133,25134,25135,25136,25137,25138,25139,25140,25141 caption=off mobile_caption=off]


I know many of you out there are about to laugh at me but guys I was so excited to see the snow flurries this

Drive to Asheville

Jeremy have done a lot of local traveling this summer. It’s been pretty great and we’re meeting some fun new people. We headed to Asheville


We had some rain this weekend in Georgia: a weather phenomenon most of us were beginning to suspect as myth. It was glorious. :) Using


The last of it is finally melting off the roads. We still have inches on our lawns and backyards. My deck still has a solid

Snow’d In

This is the second day Iíve been forced to work from home since the ice in my neighborhood is thick and not really navigable. The

Snowmageddon ‘11

So, two exciting things happened today. One, we got some epic snow in Atlanta, where I live. Itís pretty darn rare to get a big


This was taken after the rain in early 2009. I have always had a mini love affair with water droplets. I loved using them as

Crazy Clouds

Atlanta has some seriously messed up looking clouds before we get any sort of inclement weather. Iím hoping this means an epic snow this Sunday!


We had snow on christmas and itís still hanging around.† Three days of snow on the ground? Thatís a rarity for us southern folk.