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    Peridot Waves

    Jeremy and I went to Clearwater Beach, Florida to see our cousin get married! During the off-hours we spent a lot of time at the beach and I took a few shots…

  • Photography, Travel

    Amicalola Falls State Park

    This weekend we spent the entirety of Saturday in North Georgia. Between rainshowers we hiked up the incline and then the subsequent 500 steps. It was good to get some exercise as…

  • Photography


    Everything we planted on our deck is blooming! On top of that, we got a hose with a mist setting. You know what that means.Mist on everything! And then : rampant photography.…

  • Photography

    McDaniel Farm Park

      Yesterday, Jeremy and I, along with my friend Rachael, spent some time at my favorite local park, McDaniel Farm Park! :) The weather was chilly and moist but I’ve been itching…

  • Photography


    The birch trees lined the banks of the lake, upright and fiery. †I couldn’t help but look down and see the stunning painting-esque effect the almost calm water was having on the…

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    We had some intense rains last week. :)…

  • Photography


    You can almost see me in the reflection. I think itís cool that you can see the surrounding bushes and the houses. :)…

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    Back in 2008, I was really into macro photography and was experimenting with water.  I had the pheasantís feathers shipped in from England just to do this shoot with water! The little…