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Aerials: St Armands & Long Boat

Back in September, Jeremy and Chugs got me an awesome birthday gift! A Mavic Pro 2 – and since then I’ve been taking it on flights. I love the kind of drone flight that shows off the peaceful but interesting views from above. We went to Florida back in September – and I put my favorite shots from the trip together to some music.

Fall has arrived in Georgia, and I am taking my drone into the forests. Can’t wait to show off some of our beautiful, and honestly, underappreciated landscapes here!


KANGTA æ„› – 頻率

I couldn’t quit browsing kpop tonight. If you can get past the really awkward engrish at the beginning of this song, it’s actually pretty catchy dance music. Anyone want to try some Korean BBQ? I’d really like to go to Iron again, in November.


BoA – Energetic

It’s not news to anyone I love electronic and the latest trend that brought it mainstream has thrilled me to no end. My friend Kevin introduced us to a local restaurant called Iron Age. It’s a Korean Barbeque restaurant with a little kpop twist. They play popular KPop music videos on a large screen in the center of the restaurant. They also have a really weird waiter call bell but that’s beside the point. A popular KPop figure is BoA, who’s been on top of her game since I can remember in high school. Here’s her music video ‘Energetic’.


Kate Ryan – Desenchantee

Kate Ryan is a french artist and her dance version of Desenchantee is definitely enchanting.  Has a very early nineties feel.

This song was on a CD I borrowed from my friends brother, Mohammed. I actually never returned it.


Kimbra – Settle Down

My good friend Henry turned me on to this up and coming new artist.  There’s something I love about her vintage sound and video. Also I really like her face.  Check her out.