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    One of my favorite things about travel is the takeoff and landing. There’s something magical about experiencing everyday landscapes from the air. It’s also a great time to practice some iphone shooting…

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    Blood Mountain

    Jeremy and I hiked Blood Mountain this past weekend! Our friend Jenny joined us and we made two new friends! I had never been camping overnight before so I was a little…

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    Tennessee River

    Last Sunday, Jeremy and I took a day trip with our friends Val & Sam to Chattanooga. †Towards the end of the day, we stopped on the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge and…

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    Destination Known

    Jeremy and I have booked our trip to NYC! But we actually have two minitrips scheduled before we head to the big apple. Does anyone even call it the big apple anymore?…

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    Anyone who knows me, knows I love the aquarium. The biodiversity presented to you all at once makes you thankful to have been born in this era. †I really enjoyed photographing animals…

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    Our friends Sam and Val had told us about a migration that happens every winter up in Tennessee last year, and this year Jeremy and I decided to join them. We set…