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    Flight to Colorado

    Our flight from Atlanta to Denver was rerouted through Texas and New Mexico before heading north to Denver because of local storms. It meant our flight landed about an hour later but…

  • Photography, Travel

    Siesta Key Seabirds

    Back in March, Jeremy and I spent part of our trip to Florida visiting Siesta Key. He had some sweet memories from his childhood – visiting the beach and getting ice cream…

  • Photography, Travel

    Sanibel and Fort Myers

    Jeremy and I spent a week in December in Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach. ¬†Those two beaches are a Florida treasure. I’ve been to all sorts of beaches around Florida: Destin,…

  • Photography, Travel

    Short-billed Dowitcher

    There was a lot of magic experienced on the beach today but this small moment in the reflected sunset was one of the best. ¬†The dowitchers would run in everytime a wave…

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    Sunset over Tribble Mill

    A couple months ago, Jeremy and I decided to check out a park we’d heard so much about from friends and coworkers. It was chilly, is all I remember, besides the stunning…

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    Did you fly kites as a kid? I have a funny story. I remember flying kites on a trip back to India. We were on the beach, in Chennai, in 1995 or…

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    One thing Florida is wonderful for is sunsets. Clouds oddly shaped by boisterous winds adorn golden linings in the evening hours. Miramar beach : crowded in the most pleasant way, made it…

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    Season Clash

    Seasons aren’t so well defined here in the southeast. I find myself looking at a photo and not knowing when I took it without looking at the date taken. †This one was…