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    Everything’s Flowering

    The trees have erupted into pinks and whites all over Atlanta! The weather has been generous and we’ve had some beautiful, sunny days paired with perfect temps between 65 and 75.  …

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    Last year I felt like I missed every season, every detail of so many beautiful things around me. This year I’m sort of trying to make up for it. I see so…

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    Evening Walk

    One of my favorite outdoor hangouts is McDaniel Farm Park. Featured plenty of times on this blog, this place is really magical. I don’t know of any other place that retains its…

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    At the park on Thursday, it was clear that fall had indeed arrived. The trees were all disrobing and the grandmothers walking around the tracks all had their sweaters.  …

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    I’m enjoying the fall colors. I always do. And this year, after my inital allergy attack on return from my trip, I haven’t had any attacks since. Lets hope this stays that…

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    Autumn Chattahoochee

    It’s already been a few days since I’ve been back from my honeymoon but already the atmosphere of normalcy is already separating me from the mental state of that trip. I’m settling…