Christmas Stuff

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Holiday season is in full swing around my life. We’ve been going to home after home, party


The birch trees lined the banks of the lake, upright and fiery.  I couldn’t help but look down and see the stunning painting-esque effect the


I was so thrilled to see this little guy on my walk early Sunday morning.  Cardinals are such amazing creatures. A flare of red among


Okay people it’s bokeh time. I made Jeremy hold this up in like 20 different positions so I could get the bokeh right in the


Okay these colors were cray cray. It was like walking through an enchanted wood. And everything was on fire. It gives me the shivers looking

Christmas Kitty

I don’t really do the christmas sweater thing but that doesn’t mean my animals can’t fall victim. This has crappy lighting… and I may take

Ornament Gathering

I bought my brother a frap container ornament since he loves fraps so much. I got a ceramic regular startbucks coffee ornament. I couldn’t pass


So. Sunday night. I made cupcakes. I used fall colors. And halloween-ish themes.  And pretty much whatever the hell I wanted to do. I think