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  • Yellow Fall Colors


    We took a short walk at the park near our house today. Here in Atlanta we’re totally enjoying some late fall colors. It’s stunning outside, you should go! Also I will be…

  • Photography


    Itís so gray outside. I miss the vibrant colors of fall. I did get out this weekend but surprisingly had no desire to take more photos.  Maybe soon, my muse will appear…

  • Photography


    I have no idea what these are but Jeremy and I found some on one of our walks and spent some time trying to photograph it. Jeremyís trying to use his phone.…

  • Photography

    More Fall Goodness

    Another series of images I took last weekend and the weekend before of fall glory! :) The leaves are like an inch deep in some parts. Fall can be even more stunning…

  • Photography


    I was so thrilled to see this little guy on my walk early Sunday morning.† Cardinals are such amazing creatures. A flare of red among the other fall colors had me swooning.…