We took a short walk at the park near our house today. Here in Atlanta we’re totally enjoying some late fall colors. It’s stunning outside,


Itís so gray outside. I miss the vibrant colors of fall. I did get out this weekend but surprisingly had no desire to take more


I have no idea what these are but Jeremy and I found some on one of our walks and spent some time trying to photograph


I was so thrilled to see this little guy on my walk early Sunday morning.† Cardinals are such amazing creatures. A flare of red among


Okay people it’s bokeh time. I made Jeremy hold this up in like 20 different positions so I could get the bokeh right in the


Okay these colors were cray cray. It was like walking through an enchanted wood. And everything was on fire. It gives me the shivers looking


The autumn colors are coming out in stunning rainbow hues when matched against a stark blue sky. Hello beautiful fall. :]

True Colors

The last couple of weeks had me thinking this autumn was destined to be less than spectacular when it came to the colors in the


If you havenít noticed, Spring is already well on itís way down here in Georgia. Everywhere I walk things are budding, blooming and pushing through


Okay, Iím cheating† by posting backwards but I did have a post for yesterdayÖ I just forgot to publish. :) The moss and leaves are


My favourite part of fall is the huge array of vibrant color all around. Spring is honestly no match for the intensity of fall, when