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Tell the Wolves I’m Home

Tell the Wolves I'm HomeIf I’m a hundred percent honest with you, I’d tell you I don’t read much. Books were something I enjoyed in my youth until schooling and expectations turned books into these heavy things that carried your future. They were not fun and they were a means to an end, always. The joy of books seeped out of me slowly, all through high school and college and as I used them to only hone my skills in other fields after graduation.

But the truth is, books are pretty amazing. They can carry entire stories and place them in your soul like no television series, or movie, or even some life experiences can. And I was reminded when, on a whim, I decided to buy a copy of Tell the Wolves I’m Home. I even remember the moment. I was walking through Target. Unlike most stores, in Target I meander in the aisles for no reason at all. The style of the items they tend to sell just resonates with me. As I was walking around with pillows, throws, shower curtains, and decorative doo-dads swimming around in my eyes, I saw this book on a shelf.

I’m not sure what was so eye-catchingabout it, or why I had to buy a copy when I got home, but I did.

The general story is that June, a 14 year oldgirl, loves her uncle Finn, who soon passes from AIDS. She is then approached and befriended by a man her family hates for what he “did” to Finn, and their family. The story follows as everyone begins to face their own demons and become keenly aware of the demons living in the others. After I had read this book I felt like I had just finished opening a Pandora’s box for emotion. It was all so sad but so deeply uplifting at the same time.

I really connected with June, the main character of the book.The way it was written, it was like Brunt reached out and pulled some of the words from my heart and pasted it on the pages.

Here are some of my favorite quotes, pulled from both my personal Kindle highlights and GoodReads by Carol Rifka BruntfromTell the Wolves I’m Home:

“You can build a whole world around the tiniest of touches.”

“I was in a place where nobody knew my heart even a little bit.”

“I felt like I had proof that not all days are the same length, not all time has the same weight. Proof that there are worlds and worlds and worlds on top of worlds, if you want them to be there.”

“I knew the way lost hopes could be dangerous, how they could turn a person into someone they never thought they’d be.”

“I thought how that was wrong and terrible and beautiful all at the same time.”

“I thought of trying to catch her eye, so she’d know I understood what she’d done, but I decided not to. Everyone needs to think they have secrets.”

“The kinds of things I want don’t cost money.”

I highly recommend this book. I don’t think I have felt this way about a novel since I read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

What We Did : Asheville


When Jeremy and I went to Asheville we decided to take a laid back approach to the trip and plan essentially nothing. We did get out in between naps!These are the things we discovered and found worthwhile and worth doing again in the future.



Stone Cottage Garden Homestay

I totally recommend picking something on airbnb while staying in Asheville. The town is eclectic and its residents a fun
reflection of where they live. We stayed in a fairly large home in Candler, NC. The host, Kathleen, was very accommodating and the room was comfortable.

Craggy Gardens

One of the best things about Asheville is the really outdoorsy atmosphere. The locals are an active people and there are tons of beautiful places to go hiking. I suggest you start with Craggy Gardens because it’s not a very intense hike and only about a mile from the parking. You can complete the hike in about 2 hours or so, and the view is spectacular from the top.

You can get more information here.


North Carolina Arboretum

If you want a peaceful walk and beautiful trails and gardening, check out the arboretum. It was raining the day we went and we still totally enjoyed it. It’s got a ton of foliage you don’t normally see in Georgia, and enough trail miles to keep you occupied for a couple of hours. It’s definitely romantic.

Bascilica of St. Lawrence

Some old world charm lies in this bascilica! It’s got a beautiful oval ceiling capping all the trappings of the catholic church. Stained glass everywhere and tons of religious items, gilded or otherwise. The organ was playing at the time we visited and there weren’t many people. It’s a great stop for an architectural photo op.


Rejavanation Cafe

We had many breakfasts and lunches and dinners all over Asheville but two places really stood out enough for me to recommend. First is this nicely sized coffee shop with an excellent, unique menu. It has some standard favorites but some adventurous meals too. Try any of these with your morning coffee:

In the Garden Breakfast Panini
Roasted red peppers, baby spinach, tomatoes, goat cheese, and pesto aioli, topped with an egg on pressed flatbread.

Lox and Bagel
Lemon dill cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers and onions on an everything bagel.

Apricot Banana Breakfast Panini
Cream cheese, sliced banana and apricot preserves, pressed in a croissant.

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

We tried to come here on Friday night but couldn’t get in because there was a line out the door and down the street. I took that as nothing less than a challenge and the next day we arrived at a non standard hour so we can get in and get some of this in demand chocolate. The menu was extensive and although we each ordered one drink and one dessert each, it was all so rich that neither of us could finish anything. I recommend this place to anyone who loves chocolate! I recommend the following:

Chocolate Truffle Torte
65% cacao bittersweet chocolate, local free range eggs, and organic sweet cream butter. flourless. best served with whipped cream and a tart sauce of local berries.

A contemporary Mexican hot chocolate with house-ground chocolate, almonds, organic sugar, cinnamon & milk. this is what you\’d get in a chocolate shop on the streets of Oaxaca.

Grove Arcade

I was honestly disappointed when I stepped in here and discovered that it was not the type of arcade I was expecting. There were no games, coin dispensers or Mortal Kombat in sight. The grove arcade is an indoor mall! I got over myself and was soon going from store to store buying things for my house that I didn’t need. Since there’s a large artist community that resides in Asheville, the furniture and decor has an artsy, eclectic twist (that I love!). Definitely meander in here for a while and you’re going to find something you need on your shelves at home. :)

If you’ve been to Ashville and have some must-do’s let us know! :)


I love Popsicolor! It’s the latest tool in my little iPhone artbox. I think it provides beautiful results given the right input file. It is a bit picky! I find that it’s easier on the program, and lends you more control if you make the photo black and white and control the levels before you hand it over to Popsicolor.

I think these would make some fun prints! Here are the Marriott Marquis and a rack of ties that have been run through the process.



It’s been ages since I last wrote a review! Now that I have my camera with my 24/7 I have more of an opportunity to photograph my eats. Last Sunday J & I found ourselves in historic Roswell meandering through antique shops and little restaurants. We stopped in at Zest, a trendy little sushi and tapas place in the middle of it all.

I ordered plum wine, a favorite of my mum’s actually.

Wine in a glass is one of the most beautiful things to photograph, in my opinion. I love how my fingerprint is super-obvious on the glass. Oops. It makes the picture more personal right? :]

The truth is this wine was pretty fantastic. It’s very sweet and a pretty good addition to the tapas we ordered.

The first was a “Chinese Tootsie Roll” which was very think flaky shell around cream cheese and salmon, served with a sweet and spicy sauce. I couldn’t help but focus on the sauce it was soo good.

The insides… delish! Soft, creamy and salmony. Smoked salmon is amazing pretty much always.

The other small plate we ordered was the pork dumplings in sauce. It was a strange fusion of an eastern dish with a very american sauce. Think steamed pork gyoza covered in a mushroom gravy. I can honestly say I was a bit skeptical.

Except… it was delicious.

I am almost never disappointed with my meal at Zest and they certainly kept their standards up! I loved this dish too. The pork was soft and the pasta-y shell was easily eaten with just one fork.

So.. if you’re ever in old Roswell, drop by Zest. The service is fast and the owner is in therestaurantand will recommend some of the best dishes. And if you’re so kind, drop me a line and invite me to go along because I love it!


I bought some beautiful resin earrings the other day from this wonderful store.


This dreamy scriptacular amber pair will go with about half my work wardrobe. :)


Ive always had a thing for peacock feather-themed stuff and this pair was just begging me to buy them. Now, this isnt the first time Ive bought something on etsy but its the first time Ive received what Ive bought in really cute packaging! Both earrings came individually housed in their own totally awesome boxes!

I love it when a seller takes the time to make pretty packaging!


Isnt that just adorable? I loooooove the beads, the butterfly cutout and the wrapping of old dictionary pages. It really lends some class to the plastic cover in which they were delivered and made me doubly excited to open them. Ill be honest, I kept the packaging and will probably use it for gifting something else. It was a wonderful surprise with my purchase. :]

I love the craftmanship that went into each handmade earring set too. Theyre lovely and the findings used were not cheap. I will likely be a repeat client. :]
I have my eye on three more pieces, in fact. I think they’d make a good gift for anyone who loves to wear something elegant andnoticeable. Make sure you check out her store.