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    It’s been raining a lot recently. This winter has been a wet one! Raindrops make ordinary things beautiful. I took a moment while a client was changing two weekends ago to shoot…

  • Photography


    Everything we planted on our deck is blooming! On top of that, we got a hose with a mist setting. You know what that means.Mist on everything! And then : rampant photography.…

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    Ornamental Kale

    I spent a little time this morning in historic Duluth. Jeremy and I met some long time tweeps, checked out an eight week oil painters class, and just enjoyed a quiet morning…

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    Winter Park

    The life in my favorite park has been mostly snuffed out by a diminishing number of sunlight hours and bursts ofGeorgiacold. Still, I seem to be able to find a cold kind…

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    I’ve started to take a look around my house again. I didn’t have space in my brain to continue to do the things required for home improvement for the past year but…