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I know I’m not posting much. I am slammed.  My betrothal ceremony this weekend is like a small wedding! 100+ people, food, a ceremony, a ring exchange.
I’m getting married twice almost. :) This is like a practice run.  My mum’s taking care of the majority of the work thankfully since I have to work. :) It’s nice to have good family.

Also nice to have cute family. Like this one.

She’ll be one of my flower girls in a few months. She’s much older than this now.. grown up so fast!



This is Daniel Vargas.
He is a cool guy. He gives me the most crap of anyone ever and yet manages to be endearing enough for me not to punch him (too many times).

He also has a pretty Pams.




I can’t believe little Gabi is a year and a half old already. It feels like my friend Joanna just had her!



Jeremy took another picture of myself I like very much.  I look a little tired. And I still have my crazy mid-hair stripe.  I’m a rebel.



Judge & Jury

I was looking though my old photos from around my birthday looking for a picture of me when I came across this picture of my friend Sam. The man’s a good writer, and a budding blogger. Check him out.


I had taken it though the dirty glass at a cabin in the mountains, covering his working figure with a haze of mountain dirt. Somehow, I still very much like this photo.

Only thing missing is.. a pipe in his and a pistol on the table. Am I right, Sam?

mobile, Photography


This wonderful fruit stall vendor sold us some fruit but as we were leaving, she slipped two guavas into my hand as a gift, as a gesture of kindness. It was obvious we weren’t really natives. I really appreciate that about a lot of the people here. They are poor as dirt but they still have a heart to give, even if it means a little less for their take home money for the day.

And no, those are not Nazi symbols. They’re going the wrong way and they mean pretty much the opposite of what Germany stood for in that era.


A little RRR

That means reflective river romance, people. All I had with me was my P&S and well… you can tell. Image quality fail. BUT… hopefully you’ll just be so blinded by the stupid cuteness it won’t matter. AMIRITE?


It’s just shadows. This way you don’t have to be scarred by full on ROMANCE.


Of course this series wouldn’t be complete without this photo. J & I can jive with their slogan.. "To Life, Love and Loot."


Since the cat’s out of the bag (finally) I get to be all sorts of unnecessarily open on this blog. 

Muah ha ha ha ha



My most favorite person in the world turned 27 yesterday.


That’s okay. Clearly he’s still 10 inside, which is one of the best things about him.

Happy Birthday again, Jeremy!

The entire set of photos from the surprise shindig are here. Nothing professional, just fun. :)