Jones Bridge Park

The dam had been shut this past Sunday giving the water at Jones Bridge Park back its signature color palette.  Clear water that shone with

Double Exposure

While out at dinner at a friend’s birthday I was seated across from my good friends and husband and was suddenly inspired! Even with my

JoAnn in Athens

A few weeks ago, JoAnn took me on a wonderful whirlwind tour of Athens. The sun was shining, the breeze was mild and the temperature

Gray and Change

I am still working on the set of images from my shoot with JoAnn a few weeks ago. It’s been an arduous, but very rewarding


Henry came to visit .. And to be our groomsmen back in September. We all got together and headed to westside where the awesome trees


Jeremy and I got to babysit Gabby a couple weeks ago. There is not much that makes this child happy like a slide.

Samina & Moe

I had the pleasure of shooting Samina & Moe’s engagement shots this past Saturday.  I was really looking forward to it since I’d been absorbing

Back on Track

I had been so busy last week I barely even knew where the days went! Saturday I was officially betrothed to Jeremy! This is a

Deepika and Varun

These guys know how to have fun. They were engaged in a small family ceremony at the Sai temple in Suwanee this past weekend! Funny faces, lots


I know I’m not posting much. I am slammed.  My betrothal ceremony this weekend is like a small wedding! 100+ people, food, a ceremony, a


This is Daniel Vargas. He is a cool guy. He gives me the most crap of anyone ever and yet manages to be endearing enough


I can’t believe little Gabi is a year and a half old already. It feels like my friend Joanna just had her!