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    Jones Bridge Park

    The dam had been shut this past Sunday giving the water at Jones Bridge Park back its signature color palette. Clear water that shone with blues, purples and lime greens replaced the…

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    Double Exposure

    While out at dinner at a friend’s birthday I was seated across from my good friends and husband and was suddenly inspired! Even with my full frame camera and a 1.4 stop,…

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    JoAnn in Athens

    A few weeks ago, JoAnn took me on a wonderful whirlwind tour of Athens. The sun was shining, the breeze was mild and the temperature perfect. She is also one of my…

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    Gray and Change

    I am still working on the set of images from my shoot with JoAnn a few weeks ago. It’s been an arduous, but very rewarding process. I’m honing and refining my skill…

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    Henry came to visit .. And to be our groomsmen back in September. We all got together and headed to westside where the awesome trees are. I love that place. Beautiful light…