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The Wanted

I’m in love with a boy band. I feel like this is not okay because I am not sixteen anymore.  Of course, I never loved boy bands when I was sixteen so maybe I’m just a late bloomer when it comes to these things. Like twilight moms? Oh god, lets not go there.

Ever since they topped a chart on Spotify and I had the fortune to click on their song, I’ve really dug this blended  British and Irish band. Their most famous song, “Glad you came” is topping charts in the United States but their other songs are pretty fantastic too. Also note my surprise when I found one of the members is Siva Kaneswaran, a biracial blend of Irish and Sri Lankan Tamil.  I expect all my future half white half desi children to achieve this level of success.

I may also give them crazy indian names to make sure they stand out like Siva and like that guy on the Photoshop start screen.  Seetharaman Narayanan is a name I have etched into my brain ever since Photoshop 7.

I will name my future child Amritasudan Sanjushree Kshanaprabha Stone.   It means Beautiful Lightning Destroyer of Enemies.  NOBODY WILL FORGET HER.

Okay.. I was talking about music.

You know how there are some songs you like instantly and some songs that grow on you after a few plays? It seems that songs I like immediately all have a Alex Gaudino remix. I knew Alex and I had something in common apart from my love affair with his reverb treatments.

Check out The Wanted’s two best singles:

I’m Glad You Came – SpotifyYoutube

All Time Low – SpotifyYoutube





V. Maggio

Veronica Maggio’s voice is soft, a muse-like melody floating into your ears. Her gypsy-like undertones mixed with a general bump from the european lounges make for a wonderful listen. The swedes know how to make a solid chill tune.

The song to listen to is Kan inte säga nej. Check it out on Spotify.




I was perusing a list of artists related to deadmau5 when I came across Ellie Goulding. The soft british voice mixed with some synth and a medium beat makes for easy listening. Her cover of “Your Song” by Elton John is refreshing.

She’s an easy listen. Check out Lights and Your Song off her latest album ‘Lights’.

Listen to Lights on Spotify, Youtube or Grooveshark.
Listen to Your Song on Spotify, Youtube or Grooveshark.



As an artist as well as an engineer I work hard and I work often. I can work for hours while still allowing my mind to break from the critical thinking in the free moments in between ideas and execution.  This is where I would like music comes in. When I am heavily focused I can’t listen to music with a well-defined words. I have a mind that will follow along with the words and that really detracts from my ability to think.  And if an engineer can’t think and focus on new things they arejust another code monkey.  An artist repeating the same methods to produce images? They’re like a printer more than a creative being.

And definitely don’t want to be a monkey printer. But I still wanted music. I just decided not to have it at critical times.

I used to just turn all sounds off and work in silence. The atmosphere of silence, in long durations, can be uncomfortable for me, and tiring.

The other day I was browsing the Spotify feeds on Facebook and my fb friend Andrew Choi was listening to Tycho, an ambient music artist I had never heard of. Usually “ambient music” makes me think of elevator music or awful saxophone music played in cheap chinese restaurants. I’m all for trying new music though, and love exposing myself to new sounds because it actually impacts my creativity and it usually impacts it positively. Keeping an open mind towards other things in your sensory space is one of the keys, in my humble opinion, to being an evolving visual artist. I fired up Tycho’s latest album, Dive.


It reminded me of Owl City but no words and more mellow. Gentle guitar mixed with soft synth noises and a beat that reminds me of a solitary summer morning filled my ears but didn’t go further. My mind was able to focus and my subconscious relaxed its shoulders a little.

I worked for a while listening to one album after the other in queue while I coded and wrote documentation at work and later at home while I processed photos and contemplated new angles and poses.  This music is as much a tool now as my Wacom tablet. It’s a support for a part of my mind that needs to lounge while the other part works hard.

Check out Tycho. It’s a good, easy listen. And I didn’t realize this until today when I was looking for the album cover for this post but the artist is also a graphic designer.  I love the multiple talents all of us have including our ability to share and improve everyone’s working experiences by just doing what we love. :)

Dive is my favorite Tycho album. Check it out on Spotify or on the Ghostly page.





Sure Thing

It’s been a really long time since I’ve heard a good song with some fairly original lyrics. Miguel really nails it with his sweet song and urban beat.

The mellow speech and well thought out analogies makes this definite favorite of mine from this summer.

Check it out on Spotify or YouTube.

Even when the sky comes fallin’
Even when the sun don’t shine
I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty little hand in mine

Even when we’re down to the wire, baby
Even when it’s do or die
We can do it, baby, simple and plain
‘Cause this love is a sure thing

This love between you and I
Is simple as pie, baby
It’s such a sure thing (it’s such a sure thing)
Oh, it’s such a sure thing (it’s such a sure thing)

Where Dem Girls At

Oh man Spotify. You make my life complete.

Also David Guetta & Benny Benassi … how I never expected you to wind up working with names like Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown.
I would never have believed it if you’d told me back in 2005 that this is the trend music was twisting toward.

Check out Where Dem Girls At, Sweat & Beautiful People on Spotify.
If you need a spotify invite, Justin Bieber is still giving out invites.


Time of my Life

So, like everyone else, I love spotify. I got to listening to  Time of My Life ( listen here ), the latest album release from 3 Doors Down. Honestly, I only listened to their one major hit song Kryptonite in the past. When spotify recommended their album, I hit play and got back to coding.

I really liked it. It’s not groundbreaking and each song sounds very much what the band is known for sounding like but the non-intense ballads kept  the listening easy and didn’t get in the way of my focus at work.

The lyrics for the songs are borderline typical country music prose and very very 90’s.  It was a good nostalgic listen.


Dance and Process

Creative juices really flow when I have some music on. I have been on this pop music stint and these are my favorites from these last couple weeks. They’re pretty much all about dancing.

Move your body, out on the floor
Put your troubles aside
And start living
Anybody can let go
Throw away all your problems
Cuz right now it’s party time

If you can’t see the songs below, you’ll have to visit the actual article, they don’t display in most readers.