Carolina Anole

Tiny. Juvenile animals are so entrancing. I touched his tiny little toes and I could barely feel them. I wonder what it was like for

Throwback #001

What, you’re tired of everyone doing throwback Thursday? Well too flippin’ bad! I have another variation for you. I’m going to dig through my archives,


I know many of you out there are about to laugh at me but guys I was so excited to see the snow flurries this

Ornamental Kale

I spent a little time this morning in historic Duluth. Jeremy and I met some long time tweeps, checked out an eight week oil painters

McDaniel Farm Park

  Yesterday, Jeremy and I, along with my friend Rachael, spent some time at my favorite local park, McDaniel Farm Park! :) The weather was

Freeman’s Mill Park

  We visited Freeman’s Mill park last weekend. It’s off 316, almost halfway to Athens. There’s a small retaining pond, miniature waterfalls, and an old grist mill

That was Quick

I was just thinking about how the past year flew by and dragged on at the same time. We forgot to celebrate the anniversary of


I had a most amazingly wonderful Memorial Day. I spent it in the company of a lot of fun people, one good looking guy, and

The Magic

The magic of macro photography is really in your face, sudden understanding of the intricacy of life even at a tiny scale. How different would

All Time Low

This is a picture of the bum of a little stuffed elephant with a small wild seed pod and frond on it filtered using a


The flowers are out everywhere and I’m not the only one out enjoying their beauty. This little guy was navigating the yellow bits to get