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    Hot Air Balloon Ride

    We checked off a bucket list item in Colorado: the hot air balloon!  We got up super early on our first night back in Denver towards the end of the trip and…

  • Travel

    Bern, Switzerland – Day One

    After many hours of travel, we are finally here in Bern, Switzerland! We are -pooped- so we’re heading to bed. I just wanted to say: 1. Swiss trains are awesome. 2. Swiss…

  • Photography

    Midtown Phone Tour

    Last week I had the opportunity to take on a little bit of midtown with phone cameras with a good old friend of mine! We focused on architecture around the arts center…

  • Photography

    Sunset over Tribble Mill

    A couple months ago, Jeremy and I decided to check out a park we’d heard so much about from friends and coworkers. It was chilly, is all I remember, besides the stunning…

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    Drive to Asheville

    Jeremy have done a lot of local traveling this summer. It’s been pretty great and we’re meeting some fun new people. We headed to Asheville the Wednesday before July 4th weekend. It…

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    Collins Hill Park

    I totally forgot about my day spent at Collins Hill Park a few weekends ago. This is where I encountered my little mantis and ladybug friends. The park is enormous and it…

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    The birch trees lined the banks of the lake, upright and fiery. I couldn’t help but look down and see the stunning painting-esque effect the almost calm water was having on the…

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    I still think of all the beautiful oceanside scenery around the tourist city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I honestly can’t wait to take off again and find myself back in Cabo.…

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    Autumn Chattahoochee

    It’s already been a few days since I’ve been back from my honeymoon but already the atmosphere of normalcy is already separating me from the mental state of that trip. I’m settling…