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That was Quick

I was just thinking about how the past year flew by and dragged on at the same time. We forgot to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement. Does anyone actually do that? I have no idea but I still looooove my ring. I should probably get it cleaned again soon. It’s Christmas and everyone’s getting their jewelry shiny for all the Christmas party glam.




A Small Gift

I’ll admit it. One of my favorite things about Jeremy is that he indulges me. A lot.

Last winter, I was big into Etsy and had fallen in love with a cute necklace while browsing the handmade haven. I mentioned it maybe once and I found it nestled alongside a card the next Valentines day. I love it. :)

The man knows my love language and speaks it well. :-)



I’ve stuck to my ‘jewelry piece a week’ thing I’ve wanted to do. Granted, this is just week two but if I’m not going to do something, I usually fail at week two.

These are two hand blown glass spheres on antique brass finish chain. A czech crystal bead tops each one. It’s simple but since they’re so big and dangly  they still make a statement. :)



If you haven’t noticed I love large dangly earrings. Usually they’re half hidden in my hair so they’re just pop enough to get attention without looking like wrecking balls of bad fashion.


Plus they’re such fun colors. The chain and findings are a dark coppery brass.


You can buy them here on etsy.



I love swirls. :)

Art, Photography


I’m getting back into Etsy (permanently, I hope!) with a pair of earrings I made last night. They’re simple but fun. Like ice cream. Or logrolling. Yeah!







It’s giving me  a chance to both work on product photography as well as my fledgling (but growing!) jewelry making skills.  You can buy the pair here on Etsy.