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iPhoneography IV: Nicely Done

It’s an old card from a business partner I keep to remind me of why I do my job. :)

Used the IndigoBlue filter, the  Distorted Tv  frame and the Quad setting  twice to produce this one.
If you saw the previous one, It didn’t sit with me. I love this one more!


IPhoneography III : Cutlery

So I had a steno pad and some leftover clear plasticware to work with…


I used Pictureshow for this too but I used their color management sliders to pick a red, and green. Then I applied the vintage green filter and picked the dust border with the first scratching filter.

This is fun!!


iPhoneography II

This week I’m going to challenge myself a bit and attempt to produce photography taken and processed only with my iPhone. At the end I’ll leave a list of what I used to create the effect.


For this photo, I used the built in HDR function of the iPhone. Then opened up Tilt Shift Generator and created the soft bokeh on the right side of the image. and increase the saturation a little. Then I opened Pictureshow and applied the HolgaGraphy filter, the Smoke light filter, Light Leak # 5 and the burned frame and Voila! :)



I found an exciting new app on the iphone that lets you play with vintage filters. I took these with the front facing camera and applied the vintage effects. The app is called PictureShow and is worth all 99 cents I paid for it. There’s no way you’d get a desktop app for that cheap that does these neat things.  They come out high quality as well!


I love my phone. <3


Park Runs

So I find myself at the park right around sunset and of course, as I’ve said multiple times before, a georgia sunset is … well gorgeous!

Back Camera

Now since I was totally not there to shoot photography, I didn’t have any of my camera equipment. I did have my iPhone. Truthfully, this phone captures pretty amazing images. It’s got apps for everything, including one that does HDR. You snap two pictures, by tapping on the portion of the photo the set exposure twice. One bright, one dark. Then the app merges and you can adjust the final. Best part? It’s all pretty fast.

So yeah.. the image above was taken using my phone.  Did I mention I love my phone? Cause I sooo do.



Something new sort of.  These are photos I’ve taken using only my iPhone and the apps on it. Mostly hipstamatic but some lo-mob and tiltshift apps. There’s something fun about vintage renditions of everyday photos. I’ love lo-fi photography.

iPhone Photos 751 iPhone Photos 744 iPhone Photos 758 iPhone Photos 182

iPhone Photos 320 iPhone Photos 1004 iPhone Photos 741

iPhone Photos 1033 iPhone Photos 1003 iPhone Photos 044 iPhone Photos 508

Have any mobile photography you love?


iPhone 4 : First Impressions

I got my new iPhone on Tuesday, and so far I love it. Of course, it’s only been about 24 hours with the device but so far so good.  I don’t have the signal problem that people have been complaining about. I was able to sync and activate easily and all my stuff transferred from my old phone seamlessly. No installs not lost data on any of my apps. I did forget to backup my contacts list off the SIM before I activated the new phone like the genius I am but all is remedied now and that was my fault.

Actually, in my cubicle today which is exactly in the center of our huge building, sandwiched between two floors, I was able to receive data a lot more reliably than usual. It hovered at 2 bars of Edge or  1 bar of 3g which is the same as my 3GS. However, after hearing that phone makers are not required to use the carrier provided algorithms for determining bar numbers and each can and do have their own, the idea of “bars” really means nothing. It falls along the same logical measure that “megapixel” does as in it is meaningless unless you know some other variables in the equation.


Anyway, what they say about the display is 100% true. It is like reading on backlit paper sort of. You have to squint and hold the phone an inch from your face to manage to see any individual pixels. My previous HTC Touch Pro had a similarly dense screen, at a lesser 640 x 480 but this one is nicer and clearer.  The camera takes tack sharp photos and motion blur from shaking the phone has been greatly reduced. The front facing camera is cute and I took a couple of pictures of myself today. I can see how this would be useful during travel to MMS my parents or something.

There’s only one thing I love about the iPhone and that is the amazingly fast, no-lag performance. [edit: there -is- lag when you have over 35 apps open and running.  The iPhone doesn’t completely terminate any app without you explicitly closing it out. ]  I want my app open within a second of clicking on it. I have yet to see another competitor’s phone match this performance metric in use-over-time. Memory and CPU management is really done right. I paid even more for a HTC Touch Pro, and I would have to restart it at least every 3-4 days as it would start to slog. I sure don’t miss that. I think I restart my iPhone (the 3GS anyway) about once every two months and half the time only because an update needed to be applied.  None of the features of this phone  is new if you look at the market. However, everything I’ve used it for it does very, very well. I’m not someone that’s an Apple fan in general, but the amount of things this phone enables me to do quickly and easily make me a fan of the device.

After selling my 3GS and I’ll have actually made money on this upgrade. I sure can’t complain about that. I’ll be selling my Flip cam too since I compared the image quality between it and the iPhone and the HD video is the same quality.

Hooray! I‘m happy that the signal attenuation and light sensor issues that seem to be plaguing a lot of users doesn’t seem to be happening to me. In fact I had my mind set on pushing the phone around as soon as I got it so I could return it A.S.A.P. and look for something else if it didn’t work. I sure wasn’t waiting a year to see if they’d fix anything. Especially things Apple isn’t even fessing up to. [Edit: Good God, Apple is holding a press conference on Friday…. what could it be? I hope it’s not free “bumpers” because those overpriced livestrong bracelets come in fugly colors anyway)  I couldn’t reproduce signal issues even with the horrible signal levels in my cubicle. My case and screen protector are arriving tomorrow so after that it should be a non-issue anyway.

Here’s to hoping this device will serve me as well as it’s predecessor because I love performance and wide-range functionality and that’s what I’ll keep expecting from this device for the next year.