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    Jeremy and I spent some time today at a couple of Gwinnett County parks. Collins Hill Park has sprawling acreage, tons of trees, a long trail that goes up and down and…

  • Photography


    I lost this little guy when I actually touched him. Oops. Bugs. I love them.  …

  • Photography


    Hey, remember that old lifehouse song?I’mhanging by a moment here with you… Does it make you feel old if I tell you that song is ten years old. Yeah. It’ll be playing…

  • Photography


    This little guy sat patiently while I shot him from several angles. His profile is his best side, though. :) Macro photography has always been my strongest passion in the field. Something…

  • Photography


    For having such a strong aversion to spiders, I sure do take a lot of photos of them. :)…