Jeremy and I spent some time today at a couple of Gwinnett County parks.  Collins Hill Park has sprawling acreage, tons of trees, a long


I lost this little guy when I actually touched him.  Oops. Bugs. I love them.  


Hey, remember that old lifehouse song? I’m hanging by a moment here with you … Does it make you feel old if I tell you that song is


This little guy sat patiently while I shot him from several angles. His profile is his best side, though. :) Macro photography has always been


For having such a strong aversion to spiders, I sure do take a lot of photos of them. :)

Four Eyed

Leaving church last Sunday, I found this guy staring at me on top of my car trunk.  He is miniscule but my natural fear of

Moon Edge

The allure of macro photography lies in the finest details missed by the eye, even when looking closely at something amazing. This is the Luna


I was out taking photos of pretty flowers… …and I accidentally took a picture of this little guy. Check out this 100% crop of the

The Deck

My deck houses two things. Some plants and some spiders. My chinese bellflower has grown so much and is ready to put out blooms! Here’s

The Tools

   Sometimes I look back at my photos from a few years ago and marvel at what I was able to accomplish despite my limited


The nearly clear legs of this spider accent the background so well! By the way, I pretty much hate spiders and had to take this

Italian Insect

These little hornworms that live on the roses turn the colors of whatever it is they’re eating.  This one made it through a few leaves