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Jeremy and I spent some time today at a couple of Gwinnett County parks.  Collins Hill Park has sprawling acreage, tons of trees, a long trail that goes up and down and up and down and… praying mantises! And their ladybug friends!

Jeremy spotted him on a fence and I got excited. Are they not adorable?



The Magic

The magic of macro photography is really in your face, sudden understanding of the intricacy of life even at a tiny scale.

How different would our life, our technology, and our outlook be if we weren’t really on the largest side of the size scale of animals on this planet? It’s fun to imagine.



The flowers are out everywhere and I’m not the only one out enjoying their beauty. This little guy was navigating the yellow bits to get to the nice sweet insides.


The light outside was perfect, allowing me to get pretty awesome detail.


Little Musroom Inhabitant

The Littlest

Can a bug be any smaller and cuter? Note: those mushroom heads are each smaller than a dime. :)

Little Musroom Inhabitant