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Naples Pier

Had a little HDR fun with a photo of Naples pier.


I think one day, I’ll have my own business that I can work on from anywhere and pretty much live only in Florida.




I’m still learning how to play with some of the effects that make a photo look HDR. I find it’s a lot easier to just simulate a stronger HDR image with just 3 exposures instead of trying to take 5 or 7 and putting them together.  This one below was done with just a single exposure.

This photograph was taken with the Canon 50mm 1.8.  It’s discernable just by the telltale pentagon bokeh.


I just love how the bokeh turned out in the windows.

I have just a couple more days to buy and pack my stuff for my trip this Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to photographing the trip and the adventures I’m gonna have with all my cousins. :)



An older beetle on Emory campus! I played with it a bit since it had that charming red on it’s right side.


This was taken a few weeks ago, back in August, which feels like aeons ago now. Time flies~