It’s been raining a lot recently. This winter has been a wet one! Raindrops make ordinary things beautiful. I took a moment while a client

The Arboretum

Part of the reason Jeremy and I decided to go to Asheville was to just get way and do something relaxing, low key, and was

Craggy Pinnacle

One of the nicer things we got to do on our four day mini vacation in Asheville was visit Craggy Pinnacle. It’s located fairly close


Everything we planted on our deck is blooming! On top of that, we got a hose with a mist setting. You know what that means.Mist


Last year I felt like I missed every season, every detail of so many beautiful things around me. This year I’m sort of trying to


The weather has been indecisive this past week. It was freezing Monday and then mid-week and today it was like 70 degrees outside.  It’s alright,


Am I ready for summer to return? How many times am I allowed to say ‘yes’?

Bokeh Max

Sometimes you see a mediocre photo and feel like it just hasn’t reached potential yet.  Look at the Bokeh on this beast. I just had

Frog in Green

It’s hard to take a picture of someone who’s always turning their back to you.  The good part is that his back is as interesting