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    Jeremy and I aren’t that great at celebrating things on the day they’re intended to be celebrated. I enjoy the bit of spontaneity that affords us though. A few friends came over…

  • Photography

    Look Closely

    Jeremy holds handfuls of shells he scoured off the bottom of the seafloor. Can you spot the sea creature?…

  • Photography


    I went back to the Renaissance Festival this year! The last time I went I think I was either 19 or 20, back in college. Things haven’t really changed! The characters are…

  • Life, Photography


      A few friends joined Jeremy and I in a geocaching adventure around town this weekend. Geocaching is a fun way to discover all the beautiful nooks and crannies of the place…

  • Just For Fun, Life

    Election Day

    Election Day has come and gone and we have kept our president the same. Most of my friends are rejoicing, most of my coworkers are depressed and life goes on. I decided…