I had a wonderful Easter weekend, although it started crummily. I contracted some sort of disease from a coworker and it kept me home for


The last morning we spent in Destin, we broke out the champagne as torrential rains poured around us. Mother nature had given us two good

Westside Market

Westside Market is one of my favorite places to spend an evening in Atlanta. Paz & Cam joined Jeremy & I for some excellent tacos


  A few friends joined Jeremy and I in a geocaching adventure around town this weekend. Geocaching is a fun way to discover all the

I See Beards

Fun times with my two favorite men. :) I guess nobody was prepared for my flash at 2am. Thanks to  Daniel for this little guy

Flash Point

I reconnected with one of my old high school classmates this weekend at a wedding. He designs board games and he is amazing at it!