Spring in Duluth

Winter always feels long and dreary here in Georgia. I always blame my South Indian genetics for why I feel the way I do about

Everything’s Flowering

The trees have erupted into pinks and whites all over Atlanta! The weather has been generous and we’ve had some beautiful, sunny days paired with


I made a small flower arrangement for Valentines weekends. :) I have always loved flowers!


Every year I relive the same stupid love affair with Georgia weather. I pine for the warm breeze, green leaves, and bunches of flowers to

Orange Flowers

We have started populating our deck with plenty of flowers and plants. One of my favorites is this Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, which is not only easy

Evening Walk

One of my favorite outdoor hangouts is McDaniel Farm Park. Featured plenty of times on this blog, this place is really magical. I don’t know

Botanical Gardens

Join me for a trip through our botanical gardens here in Atlanta! It’s the middle of winter and most things are dead but the different

Look Up

I get a rush when I look up at skyscrapers. It’s a symptom of the love I have for this city, and all cities in


I’ve started to take a look around my house again. I didn’t have space in my brain to continue to do the things required for

Do it

I’ve heard a lot of  ‘do it daily’ opinions across the blogs I read lately. Essentially, the challenge is to produce something of quality to