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Sometimes I have two things. And then I stick them together.
Yes, I ate the orange afterwards. :D




Back in 2008, I was really into macro photography and was experimenting with water.  I had the pheasant’s feathers shipped in from England just to do this shoot with water!

The little squares are glitter.


I feel the itch to get away from people photography for a while and go back to this sometimes. If only there were enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted and not burn out. Eh. Can’t have it all. :)


Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

I got bored last night and I pulled out a couple of malt drinks from the fridge and the random fruit I bought just hours earlier. I was actually just sipping and sitting on my deck reminiscing and taking photos of my new phone when I noticed  how quickly the bubbles formed and ideas started forming in my head just as quickly. My imagination is kind of like a mental epilepsy. Sort of like tripping in a controlled fashion.

Anyway, I threw some cherries into a stemless wine glass and started shooting as the bubbles.


It was exciting. I have a few more photos from the set I’ll share over time but this one of the shoots I found myself the happiest.  Of course, the what was in the bottles may have something to do with that. :-}



Went to a party last Friday and had an opportunity to shoot some party stuff. This a vodka shot but the colorful stuff behind it made it awesome!


There was very little light at this party so I was forced to ramp the ISO all the way up to 3200. Not too bad of an outcome though!

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Fun with Bokeh

If nothing else, the greenery is great for some epic bokeh. Taken with just the stock 18-55. What an amazing lens for it being just kit.


The image is wallpaper size.