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    That was Quick

    I was just thinking about how the past year flew by and dragged on at the same time. We forgot to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement. Does anyone actually do that?…

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    Samina & Moe

    I had the pleasure of shooting Samina & Moe’s engagement shots this past Saturday. †I was really looking forward to it since I’d been absorbing all the wedding and engagement posts on…

  • Photography

    Deepika and Varun

    These guys know how to have fun. They were engaged in a small family†ceremony†at the Sai temple in Suwanee this past weekend! Funny faces, lots of laughs and even a Bollywood pose…

  • Photography


    You might say I like my engagement ring. I would back you up on that claim. It’s a secret how many photos I have taken of it since I had it slipped…

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    Julea & Robert

    My friend and old roomie Julea England is getting married this Spring and I got to take her engagement photos for her. I started experimenting with selective focus and color shifts.…

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    Tasnuvaís hands at the Haldi event. The initials of the groom are hidden in the patterns on her hands. Itís J.L. Can you find it?…

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    The haldi ceremony involves putting tumeric on the face of the bride ó to ó be. This is before we completely smeared her with tumeric paste. Sheís now a happily married Mrs.…

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    T & J

    Theyíre getting married this weekend! I donít post a lot of people shots. But this is a special weekend. Iíll be posting highlights from their shoot after their wedding, and highlights from…