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Twenty Percent

I woke up this morning feeling like trash. One of my coworkers has been coming in hacking and coughing and I think I caught the bug. I dragged myself to the bathroom scale, expecting a load of water weight gain but to my surprise I was down today! Today marks the lowest weight I have been in about 15 months. It also marks the 20% lost marker to my goal weight.


I’m on my way down! Jeremy is also doing pretty great. He’s a couple pounds ahead of me in weight loss and he’s looking  fantastic. 

Anyway I still feel like shit but looking at my little progress meter reach 20% put pep in my step.

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Keep Calm & Keto On

I made a small poster for my cubicle wall to help me stay on track at work, where donuts, candy and other goodies are ever present. Jeremy and I hit a plateau for about a week because we got super busy, wound up eating out a lot, and I didn’t have enough time to spend on my treadmill desk. One thing is for sure is that eating out keto is dangerous. What you think is keto could have tons of additives that are not keto at all. Also the large amount of salt in restaurant prepared foods means I bloat and hold on to water weight easily.  Essentially, there is no such thing for my body as eating out keto.  I was happy to see the scale move downwards again. :)