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    Coming home from work, I feel a bit drained some days. But looking at this fluffy mass of complete contentedness is a relaxing activity that feels as good as a nap. :)…

  • Life

    All Hallows Eve

    I had a super eventful Halloween. Not only did I finally get an iPhone 5s (yeeeesss!) I found a fluffy little stowaway in my engine! I was leaving home to head into…

  • Life

    Things are Happening

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I know there are supposed to be a bunch of posts on this blog already about St. Louis and all the great things to do in that wonderful city but life caught…

  • Photography


    My little Manfred. He’s a very reasonable cat and I sure love him when I get to visit him at my parents home.…

  • Photography


    Val and Sam were kind enough to invite me over to do some birding in their backyard. The birds were spectacular, but Bertie was the real looker that afternoon.…

  • Photography


    This is about all the warning I get before I’m pounced on 20 seconds before my real alarm has a chance to wake me up. Too bad my eyes are closed 99%…