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Coming home from work, I feel a bit drained some days. But looking at this fluffy mass of complete contentedness is a relaxing activity that feels as good as a nap. :)
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All Hallows Eve

I had a super eventful Halloween. Not only did I finally get an iPhone 5s (yeeeesss!) I found a fluffy little stowaway in my engine! I was leaving home to head into work when I heard a loud howling coming from the front of my car. I drove back into my neighborhood slowly, parked and opened the hood of my car with an awful lot of apprehension. I was thinking small raccoon or possum or rat or something making that howling noise. I was also fully expecting some half mangled animal caught in the belt. Thankfully, it was a fluffy brown and black kitten, badly shaken up but not damaged. I was able to grab it without it hissing at me and trying to destroy me so I brought her inside!  I named her Tabitha and Jeremy and I took care of her until she felt safe enough to run around and play today!

She is so adorable that I had a taker at work within 5 minutes of sending the adoption e-mail!  Tabitha’s new name will be Deborah (named after Dexter’s sister from the show Dexter) and her new brother is a puppy!! :)


Goodbye Tabitha! You scared the bejebus out of me but I’m glad we met! :)



Things are Happening

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I know there are supposed to be a bunch of posts on this blog already about St. Louis and all the great things to do in that wonderful city but life caught up with me!

Resources and circumstances lined up and some home projects I had been meaning to do just got done!
Molly lived under the guest bed for two straight days thanks to the workers in my home. Here she is, finally out, yesterday!


No that you have this cat to appease you, I’ll start working on finalizing my other posts! :)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



My little Manfred. He’s a very reasonable cat and I sure love him when I get to visit him at my parents home.



Val and Sam were kind enough to invite me over to do some birding in their backyard. The birds were spectacular, but Bertie was the real looker that afternoon.

Bertie looks over the table at my camera. What a ham! :)

Bertie looks over the table at my camera. What a ham! :)



This is about all the warning I get before I’m pounced on 20 seconds before my real alarm has a chance to wake me up. Too bad my eyes are closed 99% of the time.