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  • Photography

    Spring in Duluth

    Winter always feels long and dreary here in Georgia. I always blame my South Indian genetics for why I feel the way I do about winter but really, who loves dead trees…

  • Photography

    Textures in Duluth

    We spent this morning teaching composition, exposure, and the benefits of Av & Tv. I found myself drawn to texture in a few places. Here are my favorites.…

  • Photography

    Carolina Anole

    Tiny. Juvenile animals are so entrancing. I touched his tiny little toes and I could barely feel them. I wonder what it was like for him to be touched by an animal…

  • truffles


    The kind people at St. Joseph’s mercy care gave me some truffles yesterday! I of course had to go home and photograph them. :)…

  • Photography


    The last morning we spent in Destin, we broke out the champagne as torrential rains poured around us. Mother nature had given us two good days that weekend with beautiful sunsets and…