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This is the second weekend I’m finding myself in a wonderful condo on a beach. This time, instead of Destin, I’m at Myrtle Beach! We scored a sweet 3 bedroom condo on the 15th floor. It’s oceanfront and ocean view and as an added bonus, it is a corner unit. I totally love it. I’m going to try to be awesome and be up at 5:30am tomorrow to shoot some of the sunrise. I know it’s 1 am now and that I may just snooze til I lose but I’m going to try!

Myrtle beach at night is haunting. The waves are lapping at the shore and people are crab hunting at midnight. Tomorrow night I’ll be among the crustacean chasing masses!

Myrtle Beach at night

Myrtle Beach at night


Dark and Light

I love the classic feel of a black and white. The finest details look like they are etched into their surroundings.

Taking Flight

Fingerprints especially.. they arebeautifully ridged, wonderfully human, mixing with nature in a monochrome world.

Small Leaf

Nature in high contrast tends to deeply move me.

Ripe for Blowin'