Off Camera

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally went ahead and bought some extra flash guns. The cool part is that these are completely


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Jeremy is a napper and I am not. Once a day, in the middle, the dude just has to hit the hay. I am

Gray and Change

I am still working on the set of images from my shoot with JoAnn a few weeks ago. It’s been an arduous, but very rewarding

Skies over Shorty

Walking through our park really drove it home that we were back in the USA, and back to our daily lives.  Every little thing was


Thanks to my mum I now have more owls than you can shake a stick at.  


This is about all the warning I get before I’m pounced on 20 seconds before my real alarm has a chance to wake me up.


You might say I like my engagement ring. I would back you up on that claim. It’s a secret how many photos I have taken


I’ve thought of printing a few of my mobile photos for a wall display in my bedroom for a few weeks.  Here are the images

Judge & Jury

I was looking though my old photos from around my birthday looking for a picture of me when I came across this picture of my

A little RRR

That means reflective river romance, people. All I had with me was my P&S and well… you can tell. Image quality fail. BUT… hopefully you’ll