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  • Photography

    New Things

    It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here, but a few new things have happened.…

  • Photography, Travel

    Short-billed Dowitcher

    There was a lot of magic experienced on the beach today but this small moment in the reflected sunset was one of the best.  The dowitchers would run in everytime a wave…

  • Photography, Travel


    It’s vacation time! On our way down to Sanibel Island, we stopped in Ocala. We wanted to go to Silver Springs State Park to get on a glass bottomed boat but because…

  • Photography

    Fat Babies

    The cardinals that visit have finished raising their babies. That doesn’t stop the babies from begging. :)…

  • Life

    Neighborhood Nestwatch

    Our good friends Sam and Val had someone from the Neighborhood Nestwatch program come down to do some bird documentation! They were kind enough to let us come watch and hold a…

  • Photography

    More Visitors!

    Jeremy and I, on the advice of a friend, put out sunflower seed. We’ve seen a huge increase in the types of birds that are stopping by!…

  • Life, Photography

    Feeding the Neighbors

    Jeremy and I have started putting out seeds and peanuts for our little wild neighbors and we were surprised with who showed up.…

  • Photography


    Shots like this just kill me. The bird is in position, just waiting for you to take your awesome shot and then BAM as soon as your finger makes it to the…

  • Sandpipers

    Throwback #005

    I was visiting Jacksonville, Florida in 2008 when I managed to get up for sunrise and grab a photo of the sandpipers on the beach. I’ll probably always love the challenges of…