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    New Camera, More Birds

    We picked up a Canon 5D MK IV in the Black Friday sales last week and I took it for a spin. Particularly, I’d been curious about the upgraded autofocus that’s been…

  • Photography, Travel

    Siesta Key Seabirds

    Back in March, Jeremy and I spent part of our trip to Florida visiting Siesta Key. He had some sweet memories from his childhood – visiting the beach and getting ice cream…

  • Photography

    The Turkey’s Feathers

    A lot has happened between Boston and today. One important thing that happened is that I found myself on one side of my camera with a turkey on the other side.…

  • Photography

    Brown Headed Nuthatches

    The local population of brown-headed nuthatches has tripled since we started feeding them.  I have determined this because there used to be two and now there are six. Super scientific. Anywhoo, they…