New Camera, More Birds

We picked up a Canon 5D MK IV in the Black Friday sales last week and I took it for a spin. Particularly, I’d been

Brown Headed Nuthatches

The local population of brown-headed nuthatches has tripled since we started feeding them.  I have determined this because there used to be two and now

Red Shouldered Hawk

The weather this weekend in Georgia was spectacular. We enjoyed a good hike up Sawnee mountain yesterday and today, with the temperature hitting 70, we

New Things

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here, but a few new things have happened.

Short-billed Dowitcher

There was a lot of magic experienced on the beach today but this small moment in the reflected sunset was one of the best.  The


It’s vacation time! On our way down to Sanibel Island, we stopped in Ocala. We wanted to go to Silver Springs State Park to get

Fat Babies

The cardinals that visit have finished raising their babies. That doesn’t stop the babies from begging. :)

Neighborhood Nestwatch

Our good friends Sam and Val had someone from the Neighborhood Nestwatch program come down to do some bird documentation! They were kind enough to