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Poetic Kinetics

Friday I had an unexpected day off and I grabbed lunch with a good friend at A Mano, which makes pretty stellar sandwiches, before finding ourselves at the Botanical Gardens. A couple of new installations had opened up. SUPERnatural: Aerial Art in Motion by Poetic Kinetics had gorgeous draped ribbons throughout the forest walk – and the rest of the garden had Glass Art in Bloom by Jason Gamrath.

I’m so glad that I’m getting to go out so much more than 2020 and the first half of 2021! I remember thinking mid-pandemic that an entire year was a long time to wait – with all the experts predicting 10+ months more of quarantining ourselves away from the social world. In a weird way it took forever, but it got here so fast. Glad to be on the tail end of it, at least in my part of the world.


Orchid Daze 2020

We bought a membership to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for 2020!  Jeremy and I went with Nancy and Bee to check out the annual orchid extravaganaza they put on.  Orchids from all over of all types are on display – providing me with many photo opportunities!! The other parts of the garden are also growing some pretty early year varieties of bulbs. Carpets of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies and other bulbs are all over the garden.

The orchids they chose to display framed loads of bromeliads too. It was just color, color, color!

As usual, the garden had plenty to see and a few new species to learn about. I love the mostly green flora as well -  they have a classic, darker feel to them I really appreciate. My favorite is the pitcher plant! Low to the ground or hanging from a host tree – it’s unassuming but deadly ( to a few small creatures ).  The edible garden was growing as well – the cabbages were beautiful and I really wanted to plant the dusty purple variety in my own garden someday. Maybe this fall/winter!

Flowers and plants in general always make me appreciate life. They’re beautiful, robust, and often grow and make it work wherever they can. I can appreciate that attitude. :)