My favorite furpal. She’ll be 12 this go-round the sun. ┬áMay the badassery never cease!


Coming home from work, I feel a bit drained some days. But looking at this fluffy mass of complete contentedness is a relaxing activity that

Carolina Anole

Tiny. Juvenile animals are so entrancing. I touched his tiny little toes and I could barely feel them. I wonder what it was like for


One of my favorite things about my trip to Ashveille was the home we stayed in. We decided, after a little deliberation, to forego the


I went back to the Renaissance Festival this year! The last time I went I think I was either 19 or 20, back in college.


Since the cold is all gone, the animals have come out in large numbers. This toad on our deck perplexed us as our deck has


My little Manfred. He’s a very reasonable cat and I sure love him when I get to visit him at my parents home.


Val and Sam were kind enough to invite me over to do some birding in their backyard. The birds were spectacular, but Bertie was the


I love the color this Chameleon took on when coming over to check us out. If I wanted a nice display pet, It’d be something


Found a duck doing some evening cleaning at the park yesterday. I love the angle at which he holds his wing as he sorts things