Lolling about my parents kitchen in lopsided sleep shorts, unable to see because I hadn’t even put my contacts in yet, I sat at their computer to check my e-mail. My ears were then assaulted by this awful little shrieking.

Maybe I was still dreaming… I’ve had these very realistic waking-up dreams (which were mostly nightmares) as of late and thought to myself  ’Oh great. I wonder what’s going to kill me now’.
Turns out I’m actually awake and Manny, my parents’ cat, has caught a little mouse from the garage.

Commence cat and mouse game … as they run under the table, I grab Manny’s butt so he can’t go further but the mouse is already under his paws. He keeps squashing it with his paw and putting it in his mouth, all through which is mouse is screaming bloody murder.

It is so hard to hear the scream of another scared living thing that’s about to die. All these feelings inside you.. they kinda rush up and you have to “save” it.

I can’t let nature run it’s course, at least in this case.  Soooo… I saved the mouse, much to the chagrin of the cat. Even as I type this post, Manfred is circling my ankles, meowling this “wtf, human, whyyyyyyyyyyy” meowl.

Did you know mice can be held by the tail?


And what did I do? Of course I tossed the mouse to my dad and went and got my camera.  Here’s our little survivor, cute ears and all.

Yes, my parents deck is green. They are baller like that.

My dad then threw the mouse like 20 feet away into a big bunch of ivy.

What? House mouse is evolving… into Field Mouse!

Pokemon humor, on a Sunday? I’m gonna go now. :p

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  1. OMG! Better u than me! I probably would have shrieked more than the mouse!

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