My mom and I were looking through some photo albums and I found some photos from India, of me and my cousins. Here is my family at the Scripture Union camp center, near the beach in Tamil Nadu.


10 points to whoever can point me out in this crowd. About a third of the group resides in the US /† Canada now.


Here we are playing cards.


This is outside one of our cousinís homes in Chennai.† Itís Me, my cousin Vinitha, Sunil and Sushil. Sushil lives in Jacksonville, FL now. , Vinitha in Penn.


These are some of my girl cousins, at a family gathering somewhereÖ Priya, then Me, then Giftha, Vinitha and Reena.† Priya and Vinitha now live here in United States.

Good times, with old friends and family. :) Iím really looking forward to our Florida trip this year, as Iíll be seeing quite a few of this crew. <3 them all.

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  1. Scripture union used to be a great retreat from the city…my family went there for X-Mas 06. Luckily they got out if there before the tsunami.

    1. I know, I was pretty bummed when I saw it had pretty much been decimated. Do you know if they rebuilt it at all?

  2. 1st picture: 2nd on the left (first row of chairs at the front). I think thats your mom standing behind you.

  3. Aww! Sunira, you look like a Disney princess in that last one :)

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