This is the second day Iíve been forced to work from home since the ice in my neighborhood is thick and not really navigable. The resulting scenery however is spectacular. If it wasnít so dangerous I would have definitely driven out to one of the numerous parks in the area to have a look and take some wintertime landscapes before too many people venture out and destroy them with footprints. Sometimes I wish I owned some snowshoes.


Itís starting to melt and form droplets everywhere.


The ice was beautiful last night.. and Iím slightly sorry to see it go.† This is the second out of the ordinary snow weíve had this winter, so maybe thereíll be more!


Hereís hoping!† Also, here’s a little video of me trudging through our ice coated snow.

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  1. Sunira, your new template is amazing…the best for your amazing pictures.

    1. Thanks! I thought I would miss the large picture showcase but this layout lets me do more of a ‘magazine’ type blog instead of a photoblog, which is a bonus for me. :)

  2. just noticed that the submit button is too light, doesn’t look like it is there…not sure if it is just me.

    1. It’s different on different monitors. I think I’ll just darken it outright. Looks fine on my laptop, too light on my desktop.

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