The autumn colors are coming out in stunning rainbow hues when matched against a stark blue sky.



Hello beautiful fall. :]

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  1. Suniea, you are so talented. You have such a great eye for photography! :) I just love this! Great way to start off the day.

    1. My favorite photo from this series will be live around noon today. :)
      We have to go for a walk together before all this fallness goes away!

  2. Awesome photography! Ansel, roll over! You capture things that most people don’t even see! Beautiful. I think I’ll go out tomorrow and see what my old D40 can do. I do kind of miss Ektachrome though! You’re probably young enough to not remember that! So glad you have a creative outlet and are willing to share!

    1. Haha omg I don’t know if I can ever live up to Ansel Adams! I sure do appreciate the comment though. :)
      Please share your photos on facebook! I would love to see. :)

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