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Hot Air Balloon Ride

We checked off a bucket list item in Colorado: the hot air balloon!  We got up super early on our first night back in Denver towards the end of the trip and drove to Boulder to fly up along the Flatirons.

The weather was perfect. I learned a lot about how hot air balloons work ( they’re not actually that full of hot air! ). Takeoff was easy –  the hardest part being just hoisting yourself into the basket. It was a smooth flight and a very comfortable temperature. We got a solid hour flight – with lots of great views and some photos I’ll enjoy forever.

At the end, when it was time to land, we landed a couple of fences over from where we wanted to and our pilot hopped out of the basket. We made it to the right field with my help because I got to “step on the gas” a few times with the fire to help us float over the fences. That was super exciting for me.

We had a great time and couldn’t stop smiling.

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Denver Botanic Gardens

On our last day in Denver we hit up the botanic gardens.  The design behind the gardens is very color-centric with large gardens of flowers in similar hues, with the hues changing as you pass through the entire facility.  It’s a good stop for a fair-weather day.  It was so hot in Denver the afternoon we went that I was physically drained about 2 hours in – so go early morning! Continue Reading

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USAF Academy Cadet Chapel

Architecture is one of the sweetest highlights of every trip we take.  This trip we decided to visit the Air Force Cadet Chapel in Colorado Springs.  It’s pretty striking from the outside with it’s sharp lines and futuristic visage.  Continue Reading

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Flight to Colorado

Our flight from Atlanta to Denver was rerouted through Texas and New Mexico before heading north to Denver because of local storms. It meant our flight landed about an hour later but it also meant we arrived in Colorado during a beautiful sunset with some dramatic stormclouds. I was really thrilled to use my new 16-35mm lens with an ND filter thrown on top to help handle some of the high contrast. The results? Stunning.

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Destination Colorado

Featured Photo taken in Colorado by Kaitlin Muro on Unsplash

Things are on the up and up in this household. Jeremy starts a great new job in a couple weeks so we decided to book a vacation last minute. If you know me I am usually booking things months in advance but there’s going to be a long lull before we get to do another long trip anywhere so we are diving in! We are going to Colorado!

Jeremy and I laugh about how crazy our lives get because we aren’t afraid to pack it in when it comes to our day to day life. For this trip, we have 13 different destinations all over Colorado, staying in 5 different hotels and seeing two old friends! Of all of this I am most excited about connecting with my friends – Michelle – our old college friend and Paru my childhood friend with whom I spent many many humid Indian nights over the years playing outside my grandparents flat.  The years pass by and the good people stand out like stars in the night sky.

Speaking of stars – I’ll have the opportunity to shoot the Milky Way at the Sand Dunes National Park one of the nights we are there. I am nervous I won’t know what I’m doing or execute it poorly but I’m also excited for this opportunity to shoot something  really new to me.

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    Our wonderful friends Pam and Dan booked a cabin last weekend and invited us to join them to celebrate their Bubz. He’s a sweet old dog with the most pinchable little fat roll right above his tail. Continue Reading

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    Steven Turned One

    It’s so wild when you’re at your friends’ kid’s birthday and it hits you that your friends have kids. Life is a wild ride folks – and there’s some cute people on it. Continue Reading


    Luau Fiesta

    We had a Luau Fiesta at my house last night. The Vargases, Jeremy and I had the pleasure of throwing our good friends Uzo and Alicia an Engagement Luau Fiesta – complete with Tiki themed party, a pinata full of candy, little liquor bottles, and lotto tickets, and Mexican food and luau drinks.  I don’t think I have had that much fun at a party in a few years.  Cheers to good, long-lived friendships! I can’t wait to celebrate all the other little milestones before their wedding next year!

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    My Own Garden

    I remember growing up and helping my parents in the garden. I specifically remember the thoughts centering around how I am never going to garden as an adult becasue why would anyone want to dig holes outside all day? Except now I’m 32 and suddenly want a beautiful garden around my home ( which I also thought I’d never want ). I garden with my husband ( but I was never going to get married. Why have that hassle?).

    If nothing else – the lesson is that you can’t predict how you’ll feel about everything forever. Or at least, I sure can’t. I love being married, I love living in this home, I love my career, and I love my husband.

    Anyway – I also love some of the edible things growing in my garden. Here’s what’s growing right now. Continue Reading