Slowing Down is for Suckers

I realized a few weeks ago that I have been busy for so long that I actually don’t know what to do with myself when I have some time to myself.  22 year old me is screaming inside – because she loved having nothing to do.  33 year old me is just living another day in the life. Now, for me, busy doesn’t mean working all the time – but it does mean doing all the time.  Doing the things that help me complete all my work for my job on time.  Making it to everything on my fairly packed social calendar. Learning something now and again so I don’t become that entitled career person that wants success without investing time into staying current.  Prioritizing my marriage ( kinda easy because who doesn’t want to hang out with Jeremy? ). Managing all the things we are doing to our home… including moving out of it for 10 days this month so we can both refinish and install hardwood floors everywhere.  Taking time to learn Japanese letters, words, and phrases so I can enjoy our upcoming trip to Japan more! There’s not a good deal of time in here for things like sleep.

Anyway, there wasn’t any real point. Life is good. I’m just really tired.



Missy had all her teeth extracted on valentine’s day – it was really hard to watch her have to come out from under the influence of the anesthesia.  Once she was cognizant she clearly was uncomfortable all around her mouth.
One of the things I really appreciate about this little furry being is that she has such a good attitude about when we undergo procedures at the vet. She definitely chooses to love on us despite the trauma and is always attempting to show some form of affection even after a tough day. On top of that she is so resilient – she makes it work with what she has. Even when she’s in pain and in discomfort she doesn’t turn into a nasty, hissy creature.  She is a tough kitty full of love and I couldn’t be more happy to share my home with such a little inspiring creature. It’s been a week and she’s learned to eat again – including her dry food.

May we all face adversity and misfortune we can’t understand with the same grace as this little animal.

In other news – my dad’s test results from his colonoscopy have all come back clear and we are so grateful. Our family has been very thankful for the health we are blessed with.



Tons of birds in my yard on Sunday! I was most excited to see a few red winged blackbirds – all young and just losing their juvenile markings. It also felt really good to get out with the camera despite the gray and rainy day. I am trying hard not to let weather dictate my actions as much as it does. This was a good step towards that goal. :) I’m excited – the first signs of spring are appearing. My trees have buds and flowers and there are wet days but also warm days in-between. April will be here before I know it!

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Air Fryer

I’m not usually on here to freak out about a kitchen gadget but I just made beet chips in our new air fryer and they are probably the best non-potato vegetable chips I have ever had in my life.  All I added after slicing them with a mandolin was some olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Fifteen minutes in the air fryer and these were perfect.

Okay, that’s all. :)



Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

I’m so excited – we booked tickets to Japan for April! This will be our longest flight and biggest international trip since Switzerland back in 2016. Jeremy and I are so, so excited. We have a lot going on this spring and it’ll be so good to punctuate it with this trip! Can’t wait!!!

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It’s 2019! Happy New Year

I love when the new year rolls around because it’s a celebration of new beginnings. Loads of people are looking at ways to improve themselves and it’s a psychological “reset” for some of us over the last year’s challenges and failures.  It marks the beginning of slowly lengthening days – something that’s important to me. I celebrate winter solstice every year in my heart because it means the darkness is going to start subsiding and my warm days and verdant landscapes are on their way back.

One more thing I was really looking forward to in particular was checking out Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit here in Atlanta.

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I finished my latest Sanderson book – Warbreaker last week. I really enjoyed the lore in this book – it was different and let me experience a fantasy world that wasn’t imbued with the typical magic found in this type of literature. As always, Sanderson’s characters are written so well – built with humanity and relatability despite their supernatural attributes. I enjoyed the action, well written politics, and length of the book.

While I encourage purchasing this book – Sanderson is amazing and has provided it in HTML format for free.



It felt good to get out and vote. I hope you chose to make a difference, too.