This is a paperweight that keeps my books from flying away. :)

I couldn’t help myself last week when the canon 50mm 1.4 went on sale. I had been looking at that lens for nearly two years and wondering if it was worth the purchase. I had settled for the $80 50mm 1.8 which served me well but with its cheap construction and tendency to have its blades get stuck, I wound up replacing it four times. The 1.4 usually sold for $400 or so and when I saw that it had dropped to $299 on Amazon, I couldn’t help myself. It was a total impulse purchase. I consoled myself by paying for $250 of it with my credit card rewards I’d been saving making the effective price $50. The Indian in me could be happy with that.

The bokeh on this thing is amazing. AMAZING. I am so in love with it. I also know its a great lens to have on a canon full frame for whenever I make that jump.

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  1. I see you changed your theme!
    Beautiful picture as before, and love the cat, looks so mystical :)

    1. Thanks! I have been experimenting with a few new themes to see if I like how they feel. I just changed it again. I love Masonry layouts. :)

      1. Ah. but this theme has some fallback. I can’t seem to select text in Comment Textboxt since Shift ← and Shift → makes me go to previous and next comment :(

        1. Ugh, you’re right! I think I will go through the javascript and see where that key combo is being replaced with navigation calls and get rid of it. Thanks for pointing it out!

          1. Hi! I fixed the selection issue so now the comment box should be fully functional again. :)

  2. yesss!!! i know that amazing feeling of clicking with a 50mm f1.4!!! i just can’t get enough of mine! and you should try night portraits with it and they are AMAZING!
    btw, amazing layout!

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