Youíve all met Missy before. Sheís the cuddliest one of my cats. Also, as evidenced by the photos, playing with her means you get cat hair all over your floors. Itís totally worth the sweep job though.† My red & brown shag rug is her favorite thing in my living room.


Isnít she just super adorbs? †Notice the sudden warm hue to this next photo. How did I screw up my color settings?


Well, thatís what happens when you use an Indian womanís†face to bounce your speedlight. Thatís right. In my hurry to get the angle and capture the moment I forgot not to plant my face right above my flash unit.

The best part? If you super zoom into the photo, you get a glimpse of the exact moment I rendered myself blind.


Thatís right. Wearing inappropriately short shorts by myself. Getting pwnd by my own equipment.† This is how I roll, people.

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  1. Missy and the rug make a very nice subject. Madam ‘poopy vindictive’ certainly looks adorable!

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