Jeremy and I went for a short walk at a local park. It’s right on the Chattahoochee and has some pretty nice views. I refocused a little on how a photo makes me feel instead of technicalities or trying to think about people. The human element isn’t required in a photo, to make it better. In my photos, it’s better that theyre not even there. I just had my phone on me but I was happy with the results.




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      1. sure thing!! You know what, just let me know when so I can make myself available. I’ll start practicing pretty smiles and posing for candid shots today!!!!

  1. hello, these are beautiful, is it possible for us to use them on the Gwinnett County Parks website?

    1. Hi Nazanin,
      You are welcome to use my photos on the Gwinnett County Parks site. Please do credit me somewhere below the photo, though. :) If you could like full resolution, edited images, just shoot me an e-mail :

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