I found a hummingbird on the concrete outside my work. It wasn’t dead but it wasn’t able to fly. Instead of leaving it there to be trampled, I brought it home. It’s weak but not so weak it can’t sit or fly for a short distance. It flew from my kitchen and landed on the couch, albeit awkwardly. I left it out on my deck on an empty hanging basket. Hopefully it feels better and will fly off. I got some photos before I said goodbye.

I have to leave for a while so I hope it’ll get better and fly away.








Good luck, little guy.

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  1. Aww. I have done that a few times, and you can mix water and sugar together into a syrup or water and juice (or just juice) and put it near his beak and he might drink it. It worked for me. Not sure if it helped, but I wanted to make sure they had enough energy to fly away. One wouldn’t drink for me, so I put him on a bush with a bunch of flowers he could pick from. Hope he survives!!

    1. I made the sugar water with some suggested ratios for it yesterday but it wasn’t interested in drinking. I left it out on my deck, where it’ll be safe until it decides to take off.
      I hope he decides to take off.

  2. Wow sunira! He is beautiful! You are so talented. :)

    1. Thanks Ami. I thought it would be nice to remember him as beautiful as he is.

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