I felt like it was time for another quote wallpaper. Here’s one of my favorites from Doris Mortman.


Got any favorite quotes you’d like me to play with?

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  1. “Faith is walking to the edge of light…and taking one more step”

    Love your work. Beautifully done. Thought maybe you might dream up something ‘spectacular’ for that quote. And, I look forward to it. ;)

    1. This looks like a fun one to visualize! Check back and I’ll have it posted!

  2. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield

  3. hey can i use a brush set i believe you made, I found it on a site and i design t-shirts, Im amateur so its nothing big i just want to make sure its alright! thanks!

    1. Sure! Those brushes are free to use for commercial purposes. :) I’d love to see the final product. :)

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