A second water-drop photo taken using just water, some glitter and a pheasantís feather.


Now that Iím looking through these I remember how much fun I had taking experimental photos like this. I should start up again!

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  1. Amazingggggg!!! Totally inspired to try this…

    1. Awesome! I love these kinds of photos! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      1. Wudn’t disappoint you, whenever it happens… :)

  2. Hey, awesome picture!! Well, I’m going to use it for something…that okay??

    1. Depends on that something. No commercial use is allowed, nor are any derivative works allowed. The work may be reposted unaltered as long as you link back to here. What do you plan on using it for?

      1. I have to do a paper on a photo- and what it stands for, and write a story about it…in French.

        1. That’s perfectly fine. As long as you display my website link in the paper where the photo is being displayed you’re welcome to do your paper on it. :)

        2. Actually, it’d be really cool to see your interpretation of it. :) If you feel comfortable, could you share your paper with me?


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