Believe it or not I actually got a little crafty today. Like, emulated some decor I liked from pictures on the internet. Yeah I know. The world has ended. Also I bought cupcake sprinkles. I donít even own a baking pan. Or have ever baked anything. Ever.  Thatíll be another story one day, I hope.

Hereís my little attempt at sprucing up my coffee table decor a little.

Here are the ideas I pulled from and was trying to mimic:

image image imageimage 

My specific ingredients were river pebbles ($1 / bag. Dollar Store) , some air plants ($2.99/ea Whole Foods Market ) Glass Jar ($5.99 after 40% off coupon) :

air_post_01 air_post_02 air_post_03

I tossed in the rocks, tore the air plants from the moss they were glued into, and set those aside. I stuffed the moss between the rocks and then arranged the air plants.

I tried it with and without the lid. I like it without the lid better but sometimes, I like it with the lid. I have the option to have it like I want whenever I feel like it.



So thatís that. My own little pseudo-prehistoric terrarium-esque decor piece.  :)   It was fun and easy.

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    1. Thanks. I’m sooo still getting used to this house thing.

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